Month of madness!

It’s been a crazy few weeks; mountain biking in Snowdonia, road cycling in the Pyrenees and taking part in a 24 hour relay around Brands Hatch… I’m knackered, but absolutely buzzing and feeling more energetic than ever, even if my body isn’t too convinced just yet!

It’s funny, because only a week before all the madness I was going through this year’s race results to be submitted for the club’s AGM, only to find I’d done a rather disappointing amount of TTs/road races and hadn’t achieved any substantial PBs.  I knew it’d been a year off after travelling, time to gather my thoughts, get some base miles and fitness back and undertake my duty as a full-time wedding guest (with a few too many whole weekend hangovers), so I shouldn’t really complain.  But I felt quite sad I hadn’t achieved as much and time off the bike, or any exercise at all, was making it harder to get motivated and back on it… the season was rapidly coming to a close and deadlines passed there wasn’t much opportunity to cram in anything else (oh and I had more weddings and stuff to go to…).say-yes

Luckily a number of opportunities came up and one after the other I just said YES (ok, I said no first to some things but then said yes) and here we are… zzZZ!

What’s next?

Well it’s cyclocross season, so time to pop the knobblies back on my gorgeous Engineered Zondag (currently rocking some slick tyres after riding it for the Rapha Prestige) and hit the park. I’m determined to nail the mount and dismount, riding off road and start running a little tiny bit, to help when carrying the bike.

I’m also hoping to do some climbing and went to my first taster last night.  I’m hoping it will, in addition to some exercises friends have kindly given me to do at home, help build some strength off the bike and more importantly develop a core… even a tiny one… anything will do!

I’m also going to sit down and write up a post about all the rad things I have been doing, but that requires time out and I’m not quite ready just yet!


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